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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Ibom Christmas Village 2023

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Ibom Christmas Village 2023

  1. There is a Village Square within the Christmas Village

The organizers of this year’s Ibom Christmas Village have created a Village Square with a hut for each of the LGAs in Akwa Ibom State. This will enable Akwa Ibomites to reconnect with their brothers and sisters in the state, participate in the cultural activities of the LGA, and promote their cultural heritage to the whole state and visitors. So, when you visit the Christmas Village, locate your LGA hut and identify with your people.

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  1. There are VIP Lounges.

To create room for social hierarchy, and to help the richer class feel safer within the Christmas Village arena, I noticed some executive lounges set up for the “High & Mighty”, so don’t think it’s just for common people, there are places you can sit and feel safe and secure within the arena.


  1. There will be a Boxing Championship.

Some boxers from Akwa Ibom are billed to engage in a brawl during the Christmas Village period. I’m not so sure of the date yet but there will be a Boxing game. Don’t miss out

  1. Local Government Days

For each day in December, each LGA will have its Day at the Village Square arena of the Christmas Village. This is a daily cultural exhibition from each LGA, an opportunity for LGA to exhibit their rich cultural heritage. Each LGA will have their Day based on their Alphabetical order starting from Abak LGA which was yesterday. Tonight, Eastern Obolo will take their turn. For the 31 days in this December, each LGA will have their Day.

Don’t fail to come out and identify with your LGA’s Day. It is A fun-filled day you shouldn’t miss.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Ibom Christmas Village 2023

  1. Promote Our Arts, Craft and Culture.

Each LGA is given an opportunity to promote their art, crafts, and culture to the rest of the State. Today, I noticed Abak LG had set up a local gin distilling chamber where they are cooking KaiKai live at the Village Square, imagine people of Ikot Ekpene coming up to exhibit their raffia skills or Oron people coming to show us how they roast fish live and others. These are beautiful sights we would love to behold. As of today, some LGAs are yet to set up their Hut sha.


  1. Children Park

For parents who may be worried about their children’s safety at home or within the Christmas Village if they wish to visit, there is a secure and well-equipped children’s Park within the Christmas Village. Just come over, drop your children at the Children’s Park, and go enjoy your life with reckless abandon 😜


  1. Local Games.

As children, there are a lot of local games we used to play in the village, the village Square of the Ibom Christmas Village seeks to reintroduce those games we almost had forgotten while enjoying the city life. Come let’s play some nsak isong and others 😋


  1. Masquerade Square

The intruding part of this year’s Ibom Christmas Village is the fact that the organizers are intentional about projecting the rich cultural heritage of the Akwa Ibom people. There is a hut dedicated entirely to Ekpo Masquerade within the Village Square.

Trust this to be a fun-filled festivity at the Christmas Village this year.


  1. Photo Boot.

Looking for where to snap those beautiful pictures for Facebook and Instagram? The organizers had you in mind too.

There is a beautiful photo boot where you can snap pictures and someone will know you visited the Ibom Christmas Village.

Aside from the photo boot, there are other beautiful backdrops and aesthetically decorated areas where you can have beautiful snap shots for your social media platforms. Come and see na, seeing is believing abi 😋


  1. The Branding

One of the most adorable aspects of this year’s Christmas Village is the Branding.

From the General Branding by the Organizers to the Branding by brands and vendors, all you see is beauty, aesthetics, and glamour.

Street of the Christmas Village carries names of the illustrious sons and daughters of Akwa Ibom State [I’m told short biographies of them would be attached so people would know who they are/were and what they did or are doing that stands them out from others]. On our street banners, you see faces of Akwa Ibom sons and daughters making impacts and waves in their chosen sectors across the nations of the world.

The approach to this year’s Branding is just exceptional.

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